Thursday, June 11, 2009

A beautiful Rainy Day

Today started out sunny. Then I got a phone call from my manager at about 9m telling me that the park (Seven Peaks Water Park) was not opening today due to inclement weather. I was a little puzzled but happy to have most of the day off. I went in for some extra training and had the rest of the day to myself. Unfortunately, it ended up being one of those days where you have all day to get things done....but you do nothing. It DID end up raining, and it was glorious! I miss big rain storms like that. Soon, it started pouring outside, and Andrew and I decided to go play. So I put on my rain boots and a jacket, we grabbed a soccer ball, and headed out to our nearly empty parking lot. It was so much fun! Then I took some pictures (and photoshopped them)....

Also, I am happy to say that today I took my second to last final exam EVER!! I got a 94. Yay!

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