Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So, I just wanted to post a couple of pics up here to let you know what's going on these days...

1. I got my hair cut! Yay!
2. Stuart, Ashley, and Jennie (Andrew's Brother, Sister-in-law, and Sister) came to visit for conference!3. Funny story here....the other day, I decided to ask Andrew on a date the old-fashioned corny way. So I made him a giant chocolate chip cookie, and wrote on it with icing, "Andrew will you go out with me on Monday?" I was so excited and thought it was so cute. So he gets home from work and I have the cookie and a tall glass of milk out on the table waiting for him. He was all excited in fact that he flailed his arm a little bit, and SPILLED THE MILK ALL OVER THE COOKIE!!!! Of course, nothing ever turns out like it does in the movies. If this was the movies, he would have swept me off me feet in a big hug, and the we would have romantically sat there and eaten the cookie together. So ya, it turned out pretty gross, and I think it is still sitting there soggy in the fridge. haha. se la vi! (I don't know why it wouldn't post correctly, so you can just tilt your head and read it that way.)