Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out with the Old. In with the New!

Happy New Year everyone! Last night, Andrew and I rang in the new year together for the first time as a couple. We didn't have any big plans, but we did take the opportunity to spend time together and relax a bit. We watched Enchanted and Indiana Jones 4. We stopped the movie at about 11:57 to celebrate a little. We poured a little bit of the bubbley (martinelli's), and when the clocked struck midnight, we shot off our silly sting. Unfortunately, the silly string acted as a better confetti than it did streamers. So, we got silly string dust and bits all over our family room! Ahh! Anyways, it was fun and I'm glad we could spend the evening together.

Today, I did a little new years detox in my closet and dresser. Get this, I threw out 8 pairs of shoes (including my stinky black flats) and over 20 articles of clothing! These items will all be donated to our beloved DI (with the exception of the stinky flats). I am pretty proud of myself, and it will be a nice surprise when Andrew gets home tonight. He's been asking me lately to organize my closet. I must say, it's looking good!

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